and today’s girl crush award goes to…JANET STREET-PORTER!!!

Janet Street-Porter 'always has sex on the first date'
i know, i have no idea who the hell she is either, but i was reading this story on The Telegraph and decided i was in love. this is who i want to be in 30 years.

Janet Street-Porter ‘always has sex on the first date’

The broadcaster and self-titled gobby queen of Fleet Street Janet Street-Porter has revealed how she always has sex on the first date to find out if the man is worth a second encounter.

Miss Street-Porter, 61, who has been married four times already, spilt the beans during a talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“I always have sex on the first date because if they’re crap there won’t be a second date,” she announced.

However, she settled down with Peter Spanton, a 53-year-old ex-restaurateur-turned-psychotherapy student, ten years ago, swapping her busy love life for one of monogamy.

She told one interviewer earlier this year that she no longer sees sex as a central part of her life, as it was ten years ago.

“I still like sex, obviously, but it’s not something that I’m completely obsessed about,” she said.

“I don’t go into a room and think I could pull someone though that’s definitely how I used to think.”

The I’m a Celebrity contestant, who has a slot examining food issues on chef Gordon Ramsay’s F-Word, claims to have now discovered the secret to a lasting relationship: not to see too much of each other.

Her previous marriages were to photographer Tim Street-Porter, Time Out publisher Tony Elliott and film director Frank Cvitanovich. Her last, brief marriage, to David Sorkin, a salesman 22 years her junior, took place at 3.30am in Las Vegas.

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One response to “and today’s girl crush award goes to…JANET STREET-PORTER!!!

  1. WOW! This is exactly how every woman should be! If we all tried out the goods first, our emotions and heads wouldn’t get all mixed up in the questions that we women always end up asking when first dating someone…..all that meaningless interviewing would be minimized and there would be way more satisfied ( or at least happy) people walking around….

    Bottom Line: Sleep with everyone! LOL

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