mirena is for the responsible only

i forget to take the pill all the time. i start out strong as a sunday starter, but by friday i’m usually doubling up on my missed dose. i thought the best way to fix this was to get the new IUD – mirena. it’s birth control that lasts for up to 5 years and it’s much safer than the IUD’s of the past.

so i go to my gyno, thinking this will just be an easy breezy process. i thought i would make an appointment, the doc would have the device there, they would put it in, and i could go about my sporadic sex life. WRONG. i discovered the appointment was really just a consultation. here is how the convo between my doc and i went down:

doc: “so are you in a monogamous relationship?”

me: “ummm…well i’m definitely sleeping with pretty much one guy, but i don’t know who his girlfriend might be banging on the side.”

doctor looks at me

me: “no, just kidding” (even though i wasn’t) “yea, it’s just the one guy”

doc: “ok well let me explain the possible side effects. you may experience some irregular bleeding in between periods, but a lot of women stop their period all together”


doc: “and you may experience some severe lower back pain in the beginning”

me: “uh huh”

doc: “we would have to schedule it during your next menstrual cycle as the device is put in during your period”

me: “interesting”

doc: “and if you accidentally get pregnant while on it, you will probably not have a choice on whether you want to keep it or not (meaning bye bye baby) and if you contract an std such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, you may be permanently sterile.”

me: silence

doc: “and it’s $499 bucks and insurance doesn’t yet cover it. should we schedule your appointment?”

ok that last part didn’t really come out of her, but i did later discover that truth when i contacted my insurance company. the bottom line is, unless you are in a totally committed relationship (where the guy can pay for half) then i suggest just staying on the pill and using condoms when you forget. mirena is definitely the “adult” birth control, and i’m just not there yet.

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