last night in the world of reality tv show premieres

VH1 had two new contenders. Scream Queens and Real Chance of Love.

i’ll start with the good first. LOVED LOVED LOVED Scream Queens. it’s 10 porn star looking girls who, for the next 8 weeks, have to get the living shit scared out of them through a series of challenges in order to win the coveted prize in the end….the starring role in SAW VI!!! last night each girl had to get nekkid, and do a scene in a bathtub where a snake slithers in to attack. please, if you do anything today, just watch that scene and you will have the best laugh you will have all day.

now with the bad. Real Chance of Love – SO BORING! which was a surprise. i watch all the “i love” shows that VH1 pumps out. Flavor of Love was amazing. Rock of Love was even better. i even didn’t totally mind I Love New York – from which Real Chance was bred. but this show could not hold my attention to save my life. i will of course DVR the entire season and try and give it another chance, but it’s not looking good so far.

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