i just can’t get enough…of myself

i have masturbated 4 times today, and will probably have another before i go to bed tonight.

i woke up at 4:45 AM even though i didn’t get to bed until 1:30 AM because it got too hot in my room.  so i opened the window and got a glass of water and pulled out my laptop and started writing.  by then i was wide awake so i figured pulling out good ol’ big red (aka my vibrator) would be an easy way to get back to sleep.  i did get tired, but decided instead i wanted to watch the today show.

after 30 minutes of matt and meredith, i switched the channel and got caught up in the world of zack morris, kelly kapowski, ac slater, lisa turtle and screech powers.  after 3 episodes of that i decided to give big red a try again.  got off again but still didn’t want to sleep.

by this time it’s about 9 AM so i figured i would make breakfast which i never do for myself.  made some scrambled eggs and bacon and put on an episode of cold case i had on my dvr (love that show).  ended up actually pausing during the last 4 minutes because i wanted to masturbate again.  did it, then watched the last 4 minutes of the program.

decided to go through all the old random programs i had on my dvr that i had not yet watched.  ended up doing a 3 hour marathon of the real housewives of atlanta.  after i was done, figured i would take a shower.  when i got out of the shower, i was totally turned on by my naked body so had one more session before the clothes went on for good.

this is not the most i’ve ever masturbated in a single day, but it was interesting for a random thursday morning.  next time i will try to get off with my hands only.  that is a real challenge for me because i have relied on my vibrator for so many years, but it’s a challenge i’m willing to accept.

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