what’s better than sex?

i just read this story about the madonna/guy ritchie divorce, and guy claims that the reason their marriage fell apart is because madge started planning their sex life in a diary around her sessions in the gym. he said her life is so regimented that sometime their sack sessions were planned WEEKS in advance.

of course if we were to hear madonna’s side, it could be just as likely that he was a boring lay, his dick didn’t work anymore, or she was just plain tired of fucking him (she is madonna after all).

but for the sake of this blog, i’m going to assume the former is the truth.

i know that madonna has a lot to compete against. this year she turned into a 50 year old pop star in a hollywood that is skinnier, younger, and more sex-obsessed than it’s ever been. but come on madonna, you’ve paid your dues! you’ve infiltrated my generation, the generation before me, and the current generation. it’s time for you to relax, eat a crock of mac n cheese and just bang!

now i understand that i may be hornier than some, but i’ve never had a habit or obsession that i loved so much, that i would choose it over sex. of course there are times when i want to do other things, but if faced with the choice of doing that thing for 30 minutes or having sex for 30 minutes, sex would win every single time.

it seems that marriage starts making you take sex for granted. and if that is the truth, then i will be filing my tax returns as single for years to come. as a single person, i may not have sex as often and sometimes it may be a disaster, and i have to use condoms which sucks. but in the end, the sex is always fun because i never know when i will be getting it again, so i pull out all the stops and put in an oscar worthy performance.

i hope the day never comes where sex is no longer fun and just becomes another chore on my to-do list. sex should never be something that comes between “go to the bank” and “buy toilet paper”

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