apathy = vagina closed for business

there is a guy i’ve liked for quite a while.  we are more than friends, but not a couple.  we don’t have sex, but we sleep together.  we take vacations together, but go dutch.  we like to refer to our relationship as a rube goldberg.

deep down i believe he is my soulmate, but the other day i felt that everything we had built could come crumbling down.  all the feelings and attraction i had for him temporarily vanished when he said the following thing to me: 


he has never, and according to him, will never vote because “what’s the difference.  all those guys are the same.”  now, there are so many things wrong with that statement that i won’t get into here, but what i want to ask you is: “can i possibly have sex with someone who doesn’t vote?”

i know the simple answer is yes.  if a person is hot, they are hot.  but what means more to you when you sleep with people – their looks or their mind?  there are so many good things about this guy, and i’ve never been a particularly political person.  but the fact remains that voting is just something that all people HAVE to do.  it’s like getting a drivers license or going to the doctor.  responsible people just DO those things.

the truth is, if he voted for mccain, i would have been way more pissed than him not voting at all.   and an additional truth is, no matter what, this guy will be a part of my life forever whether we eventually become a couple or not.  but this did open my eyes to how quickly a person’s sexiness level can go down over some basic things.

i’m curious, what are some of your sex dealbreakers?


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2 responses to “apathy = vagina closed for business

  1. uncuddled

    Not voting isn’t such a big deal to me – if you really don’t have an opinion, and you really think the two guys running are basically the same, there’s no reason to just pick one randomly.

    Being a hard-core right winger would probably be a dealbreaker, though, especially if they espoused views I felt were anti-feminist.

  2. Fibrechannel

    I like chicks, so too many penises on a partner = fail.

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