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that’s because your girlfriend is an avatar

according to new research out of australia, cybersex causes depression. but i can’t help but wonder if this is a chicken/egg scenario. aren’t depressed, anxious people just more likely than others to seek out companionship online?

From the India Times:

People who frequent online sex, fetish and swinging sites have “alarmingly high” rates of depression, anxiety and stress, says a shocking new research. What’s more, people who seek out cyber sex typically devote hours a day to the covert activity, the study found.

The Australian research also revealed that overwhelmingly male, well-educated, and aged anywhere from 18 to 80 indulge in such kind of ‘pleasure’. They spend an average of just over 12 hours on the sites each week – mostly chatting, participating in cyber sex with webcams, downloading video and images, or sending erotic emails, the study found. The research revealed that more than 65 percent of the 1325 American and Australian men surveyed said they had met someone off line that they had first encountered online.

Marcus Squirrell, a doctoral student at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, said the study, to be presented at a major psychology conference tomorrow, was the first to paint a full picture of cyber sex surfers. Most concerning was the high rate of poor mental health among the sample group.

“We found that 27 percent of them were moderate to severely depressed on the standard depression scales,” Sydney Morning Herald quoted Squirrell, as saying. “Thirty percent had high levels of anxiety and 35 percent were moderately to severely stressed, which is of course extremely high,” Squirrell added. The more heavily they engaged in online sexual activity the higher their level of depression and anxiety was, he said.


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i’ll take 30 minutes of each

i love ridiculous surveys. a focus group full of people that were found on craigslist, who supposedly represent my demo, deciding what “we” like. my favorite survey of the day comes from canada and states that given the choice of an extra hour of sleep or sex, more women than men would choose sleep.

well, if you ask me that question at 8 AM in a boring, beige room with fluorescent lighting, bad coffee and ugly people surrounding me (aka the typical focus group) i’m going to choose sleep to. and i’m not going to begin to speculate on the type of men who were part of this “research” but i would bet their playstations get more action than they ever have.

From the Calgary Herald:

Just in time to turn back the clocks and gain an extra hour of sleep comes a survey that once again points out fundamental differences between men and women.

Given the choice between sleeping and sex for that extra hour, 57 percent of men surveyed said they’d like to have sex and 55 percent of women said they would rather sleep.

Daylight time ends on Sunday at 2 a.m. That’s when you set the clock back to 1 a.m.

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