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this is the night to get drunk and have miscellaneous sex and i’m on the rag

and i’m actually OK with that. halloween was never my favorite holiday. i hate costumes. i hate the cold. and the idea of a walk of shame in a giant pink velour dress with a feather boa is scary (the only costume i own is that of a madam).

i do have a few other options tonight and i’m trying to decide which to do:

1. one guy asked me to go see SAW V with him. pros – i love scary movies. cons – i will most likely be trapped in a theater with 400 teenagers and that would be scarier than the movie. teenagers suck.

2. another guy wants to grab a beer (or two) and hang out. pros – beer. i loves it! cons – none really, other than i have to get up at like 6 AM tomorrow and get on a bus to DC and do not want to be hungover on the greyhound.

3. i could just avoid all of this and get on the bus to DC now.

no clue what to decide. but it’s only 10:30 AM and maury povich is in the middle of breaking the hearts of hoochie mamas with those 5 simple words…”YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER” and as trashy as that makes me feel, i must go watch.


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