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sex? no thanks.


i am usually a woman with a raging libido. and over the past year it has been in 5th gear. i was not only thinking about sex about every 3-4 minutes, i was using my vibrator multiple times a day, in addition to hooking up with my “hot pocket” (a.k.a. my friend with benefits). i was insatiable, and thought i may actually have a sex addiction.

but over the last week or so, i’ve been losing my libido and i don’t know why. maybe it’s because i was focused on the election. maybe it’s because i’ve been on this diet (i’ve lost 8 pounds btw). maybe it’s because life in general is just stressful. maybe it’s because i’ve oversexed myself and my body needs to recharge. even when i try to have a solo session and get off, i lose interest and the orgasm is lame and not as good as it normally is.

there was only one other time i lost my libido and that was several years ago when i had an extremely long dry spell of almost a year. in the beginning of my dryspell i was restless and bouncing off the walls. but once i accepted that i may not be getting laid again soon, i channeled that sexual energy into learning how to make homemade soaps, lotions, and lip balms. it was a very productive time in my life and people loved my products, but then once i was distracted by life and sex again, my products got pushed to a corner like a toy i was tired of playing with.

lately i’ve missed my “toy” and had been thinking about starting up my body product line again, but haven’t been focused. i think, however, it may be time for a self-imposed celibacy period to do it. perhaps this sudden libido loss was a sign from the lip balm gods that they miss my wonderful non-waxy, never melting, all natural sticks!

this will be a challenge, as i produce a talk show all about sex, and write this sex blog, however, i think this will be a good challenge for me. i predict that by taking away all sex (with others AND with myself) it will force me to work hard and work fast, as i’m sure as soon as i tell myself i can’t have it, i will want it all the time and my libido will reappear like a lighting bolt.

the only hurdle i may face is the fact that my birthday is 19 days away, and i’m a firm believer that your birthday should equal booty. but i won’t jinx myself just yet.

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