nyc sex bloggers unite

vargas girl

vargas girl

last night i attended the 2009 nyc sex bloggers launch party.  i got a free swag bag from babeland (which, if you read my post “searching for mr. vibe” you know is one of my favorite stores ever), i got to see some hot chicks in burlesque outfits, and drank some whiskey.  all in all a successful night.  i also purchased a calendar of all the sex bloggers as pinups, which was super hot.  hopefully within time (and a few trips to the gym) i can be lucky enough to be asked to be a 2010 sex blogger pinup.  if so, i totally want to be november!


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2 responses to “nyc sex bloggers unite

  1. Hey I was at the door giving out the bags!! It was a great party wasn’t it??

  2. keshia

    yes, i remember you. it was a fun party. looking forward to more like it.

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