the keshia m. diary – 18.11.2008


days since being “laid off” – 5

movies watched – 3

cigarettes smoked – 3

resumes sent out – 4

alcoholic beverages had – 0

apple pie eaten – nom nom nom

yes i know i’m biting from bridget jones, but lately i’m beginning to feel like my life is a work of fiction. actually a cross between a work of fiction and groundhog day (the movie). i wake up, walk the dog, search for jobs, walk the dog, eat, watch tv, search for more jobs, eat, and usually fit in a cry in between that.

losing the job of my dreams was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. i feel confused, scared, manic, angry, depressed, suicidal, and betrayed. and now i’m expected to interview and show my good side?!

the one good thing about this past week is all the stuff i’ve gotten to take care of. today i went to see my coochie doctor and have my cervix scraped, and since it was a weekday at 2:00, i was out the door by 2:08. then, since i was in the neighborhood of one of my favorite movie theaters, i went to see quantum of solace (i give it a B-/C+). tomorrow i plan on getting my hair done since it has looked like a rat’s nest for the last month, and then i will go get my license renewed (can’t get a picture taken that’s going to last for 5 years unless i got a fresh do). i also pulled out all my soapmaking and body product supplies and plan on getting “crafty with it” and making my lip balms and lotions.

oh, and yesterday i illegally downloaded the new britney album. got through 2 songs and was completely bored. glad i wasn’t planning on buying it!

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