axl rose can still make me do whatever he wants


i can’t remember which crush came first. sebastian bach of skid row or axl from guns n’ roses. but i do know which had more talent. appetite for destruction was one of the 1st cassette tapes i bought all by myself. and years after that purchase, i remember standing on the sofa in my parents faux-wood paneled basement, wishing i was stephanie seymour, acting out my own version of “november rain” over and over and over again. gnr was a huge part of my musical development as a child, so i was sad when it was all over.

so now, with the release of the new gnr album, chinese democracy, just 1 day away, i have to say i’m actually excited. i don’t think i’ve purchased an actual jewel cased CD since napster came out in ’99, but i think i may actually hike on over to my local best buy tomorrow afternoon and pick up a copy of this long awaited album.

nothing will ever live up to the magic that slash and axl had together, but i’m hopeful that axl alone will still make me want to rock out in my house, bang my head, and act out fantasies with his lyrics.

and if not, i’ll just watch terminator 2 and remember what a kick ass song “you could be mine” was.

p.s. don’t forget! dr. pepper will be giving everyone a free soda as a congratulations for chinese democracy being released in 2008 so don’t forget to print your coupon starting at 12:01 AM tomorrow and get yours!

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