birthday = bootay! but i was a good girl.


so today is my actual birthday, but i decided to start celebrating last night and continue until after the thanksgiving holiday is over. last night i made out with the HOTTEST israeli boy. the only problem was, he is a biter. i thought i would wake up with all sorts of battle wounds this morning, but luckily not one hickey.

i am surprised i kept my panties on and didn’t fuck him last night. i’m a true believer that everyone deserves to get laid on their birthday. but lately, with the whole unemployed thing, i just haven’t been as horny as normal. and actually, i had forgotten how fun it is just to have an hour long makeout session in the middle of the bar and then jump in a cab home and have the bed all to myself!

oh and p.s. whoever said that kissing in the rain is romantic is a fucking idiot. it was freezing and now my hair is fucked up and frizzy.

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One response to “birthday = bootay! but i was a good girl.

  1. ak7

    Happy Birthday Mystery Lady.
    Getting laid on your birthday is overrated. Been like 6 years in row without it and I don’t miss it.

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