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unemployment is the new AIDS


everyone either is unemployed or knows someone who is.  i am the former and latter of that statement.

to make matters worse, i’m an unemployed radio producer and host.  it isn’t exactly the type of job where one can call up a temp agency and say “hey find me some open on-air time at some station somewhere.”  so, much like living with a terminal illness, it’s just a waiting game.

there is no cure (you can never get your old job back.)  you can find methods to slow down the process (puny checks from the labor department, borrowing money from credit cards, picking and choosing the bills you can afford to pay.)  people either become closer to you or completely alienate you (some people want you to be strong and recover, others feel you are now useless to them.)

ultimately, however, you will just have to find a way to live the new life assigned to you.

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