to kiss or not to kiss?


do i call that boy who is totally in love with me just so i can have a kiss at midnight tonight? he’s cute. but has a kid (and i DON’T date men with kids), he would pay for my drinks all night, but he sends me texts of broken english that i can’t stand… “wuz up” “wuz u doin” (i mean are a few extra letters really that fucking hard!)

or do i just hang out with my friends, most of whom are coupled up, but will give me that requisite “friendship kiss” at midnight so i don’t feel left out. at least they won’t annoy the hell out of me, they won’t expect a blow job at the end of the night, and their boyfriends will probably buy me drinks because their girlfriends, my friends, will tell them to.

the best new years kiss i’ve ever had was at a club in DC. i went out with my girlfriends and we were all single. i made out with the hottest australian (or possibly new zealander, who knows). he saw me, told me i was gorgeous, asked if he could kiss me, grabbed me, and if i’m remembering correctly he may have actually dipped me back, and laid one on me. after the kiss, i looked him in the eye, flashed him my signature smile, then ran away with my girlfriends before he could ruin the moment by asking for my name or my number. i was wearing my favorite fur vest (perhaps it was a good luck charm.)

so is it better to have a kiss that’s planned or to get one you never knew was coming? and where the fuck is that fur vest?


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2 responses to “to kiss or not to kiss?

  1. kooshas

    Well it’s no fun watching the couples kiss, (Went through this last night!) but it’s ok if there is no one around. You think maybe the upcoming year holds promises of many kisses to come.

  2. Tammy

    Did you kiss????

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