the best condoms i’ve ever used


condoms suck. condoms are the reason you end up staying with an asshole 6 months longer than you should. condoms are the reason blow jobs don’t happen after they’ve been worn. condoms are the reason you chose your vibrator over that douchebag at the bar. but not anymore…because lifestyles has come through with an amazing invention – polyisoprene condoms.

latex is something that affects a lot of women. a lot of times we give up on the condoms because they irritate, dry you out and make sex just painful. so when i started seeing a new guy, the fear of having to use condoms again came creeping up. and the first time we had sex those fears came alive when we used bodega bought trojans. but his penis was big, his ass was perfect, and he fucked me hard, so i decided it was my mission to find the perfect condom and try again.

prior to the new guy, i had been banging the same guy for nearly 2 years, so condoms haven’t been something i’ve had to think about in a while. but i did remember from my prior condom history that i hate latex. it’s too thick, too irritating, and the taste they leave on a dick reminds me of a firestone tire (yes i love giving head). but i knew lambskin wasn’t an option because they don’t protect against std’s which is really the only reason i even use condoms (now that the morning after pill is available over the counter).

almost immediately i found it – SKYN by LifeStyles. as i read the box, all the promises seemed too good to be true…non-latex, the closest thing to wearing nothing, protects against std’s! i had to find out if it was the truth so i picked up my sampler 3 pack and headed on my way.

the box is not a lie. this condom is so much like skin, we had to check to make sure it was still on when things got really wet. and we fucked for extended periods of time and today my coochie is as soft and supple as it was before i was pile drived. condoms have come a long way.

and no, i wasn’t paid by LifeStyles to write this review. i’m sincerely just so happy i found a condom that i will actually use that i had to talk about it. but i’m not going to fake. nothing will ever compare to going bareback. ever.


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2 responses to “the best condoms i’ve ever used

  1. ashley

    that’s great to hear because my boyfriend and i bought a box of them for when we’re through with the current one (regular magnum condoms). can’t wait!

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