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pigtails = power


i am officially wearing pigtails until i die.  who knew that such a childish hairstyle could make one so desirable to the opposite sex?  i guess porn stars and strippers knew.  but i don’t typically take me life advice from those women, and perhaps that’s where i went wrong.

last saturday i woke up severely hungover after a night with 3 british blokes who plied me with beer and whiskey.  it was raining, my head hurt and i was expected to meet some friends.  by the time 4:00 rolled around i had yet to even shower or brush my teeth, but i had to start this night’s festivities by 6:00.

because i keep my windows open year round, the humidity from the rain was permeating my apartment and my hair was a giant ‘fro mess.  i tried to flat iron it.  no success.  i tried to put it in a single ponytail to the back.  stupid looking.  so i decided to try pigtails.

best decision i’ve made in the last 2 years.

within in the last 4 days of wearing these pigtails i’ve had: 14+ sexual propositions, 50+ comments on the street about how hot i am, at least 100+ more stares than i typically get from men on the street, and 1 guy who actually got down on his knees and proposed to me in the streets of manhattan.  as far as records go, i’ve crushed ALL of my previous ones.

i don’t know what it is about women in pigtails that turns men gaga, but i don’t really care.  it works and that’s all that matters.



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the great ball debate – part 1


balls are weird.  period.

i’ve tried very hard to understand them.  but just can’t.  balls are distinctly a male thing.

i’ve spent several years perfecting my fellatio.  and after all that time, i truly do believe i understand the penis inside and out.  but when it comes to balls, i’ll admit it, i’m a little lost.  i know if i lick them, men like it.  and i know if i play with them, gently run my nails over them, juggle them around for a bit, etc. that generally, guys are pleased.  but when i see them up close and personal, all of that goes out the window because i really just don’t like them.

my last boyfriend had these super snug balls.  the skin fit nice and tight around them, and they were on the smaller side, so i could fit both of them comfortably in my mouth.  these were probably some of the best balls i’ve come across, but truly the only ones i could say i liked.

one guy i slept with recently, however, had so much “ball sack” to work with, i didn’t really know where to begin.  i mean they weren’t cisco adler big (nsfw & gag!) but they were pretty sufficient.  when i licked them, i felt like a kitten trying to bathe a lion, when i played with them, it felt like i had a pound of semi-melted play-doh in my hand, and there was no way in hell they were going to fit easily in my mouth.  so i abandoned the cause entirely and focused on what i do best…giving him the best head ever.  but i felt defeated.

some girls i know would say to me “who cares! i don’t even touch the balls.”  but that’s the problem.  that is probably why so many of us are clueless in the ball arena.  practice makes perfect.  but guys aren’t really giving us a level playing field to work with, because balls are so drastically different from guy to guy.  if a penis is small (it sucks) but when giving head you know how to change your tactics to make it work for you and deep throating is a cinch!  when a guy is too big (ha. i know) it’s even better because you have challenges and goals to achieve when faced with it.  but balls can have so many issues.  too small – creepy.  too big – terrifying.  too saggy – a mess.  missing one – you’re fucking lance armstrong.

i don’t have only bad things to say about balls though.  i’ll admit one of the best feelings in the world is getting slapped in the pussy with a set of balls while being plowed from behind doggy-style, but not every guy can do that.

then again, not every girl can bury an entire penis between her tits and make a guy come.  size does matter.

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