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hofstra university gang rape is a fake


remember how i said men hate rape fantasies?  this little girl above is exactly the reason why.

the crazy bitch from hofstra university claimed to have been gang-raped by 5 men about 4 days ago.  i remember reading the story and being horrified.  now according to the ny post, she made the entire thing up.  she claims she didn’t want her fellow students and her new boyfriend to think she was a whore.  4 teenage kids spent days in jail with angry, horny, incarcerated men thinking they were gang rapists.  and the only reason the bitch came clean with the truth is because one of the guys allegedly captured the whole consensual ordeal on his cell phone video.  the nutjob has been suspended from the university and the kid who had originally been suspended is in the process of being reinstated.  i have just 2 things to say about this.

a) if you are a whore, own it.

b) those guys are going to videotape every sexual encounter they ever have again, that is once their dicks are over this trauma and they are actually in the mood to fuck again.



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horse fuck man die


Those 4 little words in a google search brought me upon one of the sickest videos I’ve seen in a while.  Note: when you are wasted, don’t take advice from the other wasted people around you about stuff you should look up on the internet at 2 AM.  I digress…

A 45-year-old Seattle man died from something called acute peritonitis. His colon was perforated while he was having sex with a horse.

The man, who died before he was dropped off at Enumclaw Community Hospital, was traced back to a 40-acre farm where investigators found hundreds of hours of videotape depicting men, including the one who died, having sex with horses. He had bought the stallion earlier this year. His family told a reporter they were surprised at the purchase.

Click here to see the video.  I warn you, it is highly disturbing.


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