and today’s girl crush award goes too..

dayan from karuhata


so last night i went to a show in brooklyn at a place called the lake in bushwick.  i had originally gone to check out kagero, a band i recently discovered and like, but found myself falling in love with the lead singer of karuhata.

now i’ll admit, at first i wasn’t a fan.  have you ever seen somebody and just instantly decided that you don’t like them?  no real reason or purpose behind it – you just don’t.  that’s how i felt when i first arrived at the venue and saw her in the audience watching the other bands.

but when she got on stage, all of that changed.  small in stature compared to the all-male counterparts on stage with her, she completely commanded the stage with her moshpit-inducing lyrics.  she transported me back to the 90’s when ska was king, all day music festivals were the norm, and moshpits were my gym membership.  even though i feel way too old to join in such antics now, watching and listening to it brought out the inner punk chick that still lives inside me.  the audience was completely under her spell and even started chanting after their set was done to bring her back for more.

most girls have the fantasy of being a star on stage in one way, shape or form, and dayan is living out that fantasy.  that alone makes her one of the hottest chicks in the room, but in addition to her rock star status, she also has, hands down, one of the cutest haircuts i’ve ever seen and that is what sealed the deal as my official girl crush of the day.

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