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panty creamer of the day

mark salling

i have no idea if anyone is watching the new show glee on fox.  if not, you can see every episode for free online.  part of me wants to promote it so that it will be renewed for future seasons, but then another part of me wants nobody to know about it so i can have the hottie mark salling all to myself.

on glee, mark plays noah puckerman, a cougar chasing, unsafe sex having, mohawk wearing, douchebag football player.  these, of course, are all of the reasons i fell head over heels in love with him.  beyond having amazing abs, gorgeous eyes, and a perfect ass, there is just something about him that says he could bang the whites out of my eyeballs.

oh and for those of you who, like me, love to see hot straight guys put into homoerotic scenarios, check out this video someone put on youtube.  it’s matt’s character being montaged into a love triangle with the gay character on the show, kurt hummel.

p.s. the song in the video, bust your windows, is sung by another cast member on the show, amber riley, and is amazing.

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will bush ever make a comeback?


if you were expecting to read a political article, please close the page quickly because what i’m about to discuss is nothing of the sort.  the question i have today is really about MY bush – or should i say the lack there of.

i’ve been waxing my “lady business” bald for several years now.  it’s become as routine as buying tampons.  recently my aunt, who manages a spa, told me she could get me free laser hair removal treatments.  of course, i’m so excited and want to do it because it’s not everyday someone offers you what probably amounts to a couple thousand dollars in free spa services.  but i also wonder if it’s possible that hairy va-jay-jay’s will ever be considered “the norm” again.

remember this NSFW lee friedlander photo of madonna?  while madonna is, and probably always will be, a sex symbol, i’m having a hard time believing that a bush like that could ever be considered sexy again.  on one hand there is something extremely powerful and natural about it.  but on the other hand i keep thinking about this german women i saw while vacationing in thailand – her bush protruding from all sides of her bathing suit – and how it made me want to vomit.

i’ve always hated hair.  even as a kid i remember having my “MONK” moments, and having to make sure there was no hair in the tub before i even stepped foot in the shower.  and don’t even get me started on hair that is left on bar soap.  so i could be biased in my belief that all unneccessary hair should be permanently removed.  so what do you think?

should bush be banished?

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love will make you do some crazy shit


i remember once when i found out my boyfriend of 3 years had been fucking another bitch for most of those 3 years, i freaked.  we were lying in his bed one morning and he went to take a shower.  i got up and started looking at stuff around the room.  not snooping, just looking.  i see this birthday card and start reading it.  it was from the girl and of course had her own personal note handwritten inside that ended with the words “i love you”

now, i’m not typically a violent person and the truth is, i didn’t even want to see his face when he came out.  so at the time, the most rational thing i could think to do was rip the card into the tiniest pieces i could and throw it in his iguana cage.  i secretly hoped the iguana would eat the paper, choke and die so he could really be sad when he came out of the bathroom.

i didn’t wait around to find out, instead i put my clothes on, drove home, woke my roommate up, and told her to watch happy gilmore with me because i had to return it to blockbuster that day.  i proceeded to ignore his calls for the next 90 minutes while enjoying, what is now, one of my favorite adam sandler movies.

now yes, i ended up getting back together with him briefly after that, but the point is, i know what it feels like to lose it and do some retarded shit.  this story via USA Today however; is a bit more cuckoo than normal but still hilarious.

this crazy bitch decided that the most appropriate thing to do after getting in a fight with her man was to take their pet goldfish, put them in a frying pan, and eat them.

i’m pretty sure after you eat a man’s pet goldfish, that relationship is done.  but if you are going to get dumped, it’s best you go out with a bang.  you may end up with a restraining order on your hands, but you will never be forgotten.

i do find it a bit interesting though that this woman and i decided to best way to destroy our men was through cheap, scaly, dime store pets.

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