will bush ever make a comeback?


if you were expecting to read a political article, please close the page quickly because what i’m about to discuss is nothing of the sort.  the question i have today is really about MY bush – or should i say the lack there of.

i’ve been waxing my “lady business” bald for several years now.  it’s become as routine as buying tampons.  recently my aunt, who manages a spa, told me she could get me free laser hair removal treatments.  of course, i’m so excited and want to do it because it’s not everyday someone offers you what probably amounts to a couple thousand dollars in free spa services.  but i also wonder if it’s possible that hairy va-jay-jay’s will ever be considered “the norm” again.

remember this NSFW lee friedlander photo of madonna?  while madonna is, and probably always will be, a sex symbol, i’m having a hard time believing that a bush like that could ever be considered sexy again.  on one hand there is something extremely powerful and natural about it.  but on the other hand i keep thinking about this german women i saw while vacationing in thailand – her bush protruding from all sides of her bathing suit – and how it made me want to vomit.

i’ve always hated hair.  even as a kid i remember having my “MONK” moments, and having to make sure there was no hair in the tub before i even stepped foot in the shower.  and don’t even get me started on hair that is left on bar soap.  so i could be biased in my belief that all unneccessary hair should be permanently removed.  so what do you think?

should bush be banished?

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