panty creamer of the day

mark salling

i have no idea if anyone is watching the new show glee on fox.  if not, you can see every episode for free online.  part of me wants to promote it so that it will be renewed for future seasons, but then another part of me wants nobody to know about it so i can have the hottie mark salling all to myself.

on glee, mark plays noah puckerman, a cougar chasing, unsafe sex having, mohawk wearing, douchebag football player.  these, of course, are all of the reasons i fell head over heels in love with him.  beyond having amazing abs, gorgeous eyes, and a perfect ass, there is just something about him that says he could bang the whites out of my eyeballs.

oh and for those of you who, like me, love to see hot straight guys put into homoerotic scenarios, check out this video someone put on youtube.  it’s matt’s character being montaged into a love triangle with the gay character on the show, kurt hummel.

p.s. the song in the video, bust your windows, is sung by another cast member on the show, amber riley, and is amazing.

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