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I am the New York Women’s Relationship Advice Examiner

What’s up sexy friends? It’s your favorite love consultant here, Keshia, spending this ever-so-rainy New York Sunday evening sipping on a velvety Merlot from the Bordeaux region and giving you the breakdown of all the ways you can access my precious Sex & Relationship advice.

Did you know, recently, I wrote an article for the Examiner called, “Recession-proof your relationship in the bedroom” ?

The article went over fantastically well and I now am officially the Examiner’s NY Women’s Relationship correspondent.

My first act of duty is to dish out all the dirt us women need to know to find those dreamy Mr. Rights as well as the occasional one-night Mr. Wrongs. I’ll also be interviewing my readers, yes, that means you, to find out what about him gets your juices flowing.

Fans of my Talk of Shame blog, don’t you worry your sinful little minds. Not all the things I say will be Examiner-friendly.  So for the raw, sexy truth keep reading my Talk of Shame blog whenever you’re in the mood for advice a bit more X-Rated.

As I pursue my goals of becoming the first true Love Advice Queen-of-all-Media, I need your help by spreading my gospel to all the friends and co-workers you know who need to get off that couch and find themselves some modern loving.

And don’t forget to tell them to subscribe to both my Talk of Shame blog and my Examiner page



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