One question, in life there’s only the winning or the losing. Is that really true?

i watched the most amazing movie the other night called battle royale.  it’s about a group of teenagers sent to an island to, literally, fight for their lives.  there can be only one winner as everyone else must be killed.  the movie, ironically, was suggested to me by a guy i have a huge crush on.  i say ironically because the entire time i was watching this movie i kept thinking “this is what it’s like to date in new york city.”

girl meets boy.  girl hangs out with boy.  girl sleeps with boy.  girl starts to like boy.  girl falls hard for boy.  girl starts becoming aware of other girls in the picture with boy.  girl steps up her game with boy.  girl tries to get other girls out of boys picture.

this scenario is familiar to most women who are reading this and there are only two options at the end: girl fails to win the boy or girl becomes the sole “battle royale” winner.  but how does one claw, kick, and fight her way to the top without becoming a deranged, out of control psycho in the process?

in the movie as well as in the nyc dating scene, the “players” in the game are constantly watching their backs because they never know who is just around the corner waiting to attack.  just when you think you’ve gotten rid of one threat, out of nowhere another one pops up and has to be dealt with.  you also don’t know who to trust because even though before the “game” started, everyone was friends, that obviously changes when the situation dictates that “it’s either me or you.”

remaining sane throughout the journey is the hardest part.  knowing that other women are also looking to be the “sole survivor” in winning the guy you like makes even the most laid back, independent women go ape-shit crazy.  so how to deal?  in battle royale the ones who kept it cool the longest were the ones that trusted in good friends, didn’t submit to the horrors of the game, and had faith that everything would work out if they worked together to figure out a solution.

i don’t know how this game will play out for me and whether or not i will be the battle royale winner of love but i’m definitely not going down without taking a few bitches out first.

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