it will make you sqweel!

i love babeland.  any time i just happen to be walking by one, i can’t resist going in to see what new sex toys there are to play with.  such was the case the other day when i was on my way to drinks and walked by the SoHo location in NYC.  after playing with a few dildos and picking up a few skyn condoms (which are the best condoms ever, if you don’t remember me ranting my praises about them), i was heading to the checkout line when i saw, what looked like, a bad rocky horror picture show joke.

it was a hand-held sized wheel with tongue after tongue after tongue encircling it.  i immediately grabbed it and had to try it (against my hand, of course) and WOMP WOMP…so disappointed.  it felt like being licked by a rotating wheel of dry ass latex balloons.  the babeland sales associate standing closest to me noticed my disappointment and said “put a little lube on it.  trust me.”  so i did just that, and OMG it was like i had died and gone to cunnilingus heaven (still on my hand of course).

i knew i had to have it, and was shocked to learn that this pocket pussy licker is only $59.00!  i only had enough money that day to buy my happy hour drinks so knew i’d be back.  and good thing i waited, because according to, buy a Sqweel during the month of may, and you’ll get 2 babeland condoms, and 2 entice lubettes for free!

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