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ramin setodeh is an idiot

and not just because his recent newsweek article about why he thinks gay actors aren’t believable as straight when they are out of the closet, is a bit self-hating (setodeh is gay).  but also because he clearly never bothered to do any research amongst the audience who cares the most – women.

neil patrick harris has been out of the closet for years, but never once have i taken him off of my “he could get it” list.  and to top it off, he was nominated for an emmy for being a womanizer on how i met your mother.  good acting is good acting, period.  and harris’ nomination is no less deserved than sean penn’s oscar for playing gay activist harvey milk.

i would never hate on a fellow writer for expressing their opinion, but i will hate on a fellow writer for trying to convince the american public that if george clooney ever came out of the closet, he would lose believability as a hearththrob straight character.  trust me – if clooney ever came out of the closet, women would still watch his moives and swoon and more women would want to bang him than ever before just in the hopes that their magical coochie would be the one to turn him back.

setodeh now has his back against the wall.  kristen chenoworth condemned setodeh and calls him “horribly homophobic” and “glee” creator ryan murphy is calling for a boycott of newsweek until setodeh apologizes.

my 2 cents…how did this article even get out.  who the hell still reads newsweek?

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