is your young everybody’s young?

there’s a new “controversial” video leaked by TMZ this week showing a (then) 16-year old miley cyrus grinding and lap dancing against 44-year-old producer, adam shankman, at the wrap party for whatever movie she apparently did last year.  (if you haven’t seen the video click here)

ok let’s forget for a moment that shankman is GAY.  because let’s be real.  if you were a teenage girl who had a fake ID, lived near a decent-sized city and used to sneak out of the house to go dancing at whatever the hottest club that weekend was, you PROBABLY grinded against a 44-year-old gay man.  (what has 2 thumbs, a misspelled fake ID, and lived near tracks in southeast DC in the 90’s?  THIS GIRL)

but let’s pretend adam was a typical 44-year-old pervy old guy and this was the video.  is it that bad?  there’s obviously a lot of controversy concerning older men unable to keep their hands off of younger women ranging from r. kelly to, most recently, lawrence taylor.  and in those particular circumstances, the (alleged) actions were illegal and wrong.

but take an average 16-year-old girl who likes a 24-year-old guy.  is that wrong?  i know personally at the age of 14 i looked like ALL woman.  and by age of 16 i probably could have passed for a college sophomore or junior in both appearance and intellectual maturity.  so would it have been wrong of me to start dating and having a sexual relationship with a guy in his 20’s even though it’s technically illegal?

take miley cyrus out of the scenario completely, because hollywood likes to trick us into believing these girls are adults when we know that they are actually emotionally and intellectually stunted.  (britney spears is still a 14-year-old living in the body of a “woman” with 2 kids).  but let’s take a regular girl who grew up with parents who respected her, gave her responsibilities, and encouraged a healthy development for her.  if, at the age of 15, she were to say that a 30-year-old guy was the only person she could relate to, who are we to argue?

i need to know your thoughts.  what’s your “too young?”


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2 responses to “is your young everybody’s young?

  1. Elizabeth

    young girls should know that as men age — their ball sag. gross.

  2. vanessa

    when i was 19, i dated a 35 year old. it was pretty creep. when he approached me in the club (also, with my fake id), it was all good. but the sex was just so “extra” at that time. and his receding hairline freaked me out. conversly, i dated a 21 year-old last summer (i am 32 now) and i totally felt like a molester. he had a baby face and all i remember is him looking up at me nervously saying “it’s been awhile for me”. HUH? that kind of inexperience was also creepy. for me, i can only swing about five years in either direction …

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