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i’ve heard more about sex on the roof than sex on the beach

a pair of USC students were caught by cameras having sex on the rooftop of, what i assume, is a campus building.  this picture reminds me of all the random places i had to do it in college.  everyone in college has roommates, and even if your roommates weren’t home, it seemed like there was just always someone at your place either getting high between classes or eating your food.  so it actually is surprising to me that in california, when the weather is amazing year round, there isn’t MORE roof sex caught on camera.  while sometimes i curse that i live in a 6 floor walk-up in brooklyn, i do have amazing views facing manhattan, and these pictures are making me yearn for the spring weather!  click HERE to indulge in more rooftop fantasies.


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What to do this week in NYC?

NYC Daily Date Design

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Recycling the Ex

Who said the past was in the past? Recycling the Ex

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