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Meet Bryan Sisco.  This weirdo thought the way to a woman’s heart was by threatening the lives of passengers aboard a commercial airlines flight.

The inebriated 40 year old man, decided to steal a seat next to a 23 year old woman on a Delta flight from Dallas to Atlanta.  After some weird exchanges and sharing of M&M’s, Sisco decided to show the woman his butane lighter that he was able to sneak on board, along with a device he claimed to be a taser and a canister that he said contained “gas strong enough to make everyone on the plane pass out.”

The woman got away from the creep by saying she had to use the bathroom, and passed a message on to the flight attendants about what had happened.  The plane made an emergency landing in Memphis where cops, dressed as paramedics, took Sisco into custody.

Delta has now banned this loser for LIFE, for which I say “Thank you Delta” since you are the only airline I have any frequent flier miles with.

Source: Jalopnik


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of all the things i love about new york…

the L train is absolutely NOT one of them.  it’s always overcrowded, breaks down a lot, and is usually filled with tiny, twat-faced scenesters.  and, according to the video below that was just recently shot, it’s also filled with male strippers in 4 inch pumps.

but of all the things i DO love about new york, one of them is what happens around minute 1:28 when the girl in the black dress gets on the train.  the look on her face is the same “seriously assholes, i haven’t even had my 3rd cup of coffee today yet, can you back up off me and let me get up on this train before you continue to ack up” look that i give to people every time i walk on to a train full of shenanigans.

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