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and today’s girl crush award goes to…

evelyn lozada!

if you didn’t catch the premiere of basketball wives this past monday, then i instruct you to immediately go to and enjoy 40 minutes of the evelyn show.

so many reality show women step in to their show with the sole intention of becoming the “queen bee,” the loudest and craziest bitch, but they do it all wrong and end up a hated villian that nobody likes (just ask erika from love and hip hop).  evelyn understands how to be the right kind of mean girl.  any woman who can call another woman a “non-mothaf*ckin factor” one season, and then have that same woman become her best ally by the next season, understands the art of being a lovable bitch.  and for that i commend her because it is not an easy feat to accomplish.

so in honor of my bronx beauty, today i will wear my most neon eyeshadow, throw on my highest and flashiest heels, and only ride the 6 train even if it’s nowhere near the place i need to be.

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and today’s girl crush award goes too..

dayan from karuhata


so last night i went to a show in brooklyn at a place called the lake in bushwick.  i had originally gone to check out kagero, a band i recently discovered and like, but found myself falling in love with the lead singer of karuhata.

now i’ll admit, at first i wasn’t a fan.  have you ever seen somebody and just instantly decided that you don’t like them?  no real reason or purpose behind it – you just don’t.  that’s how i felt when i first arrived at the venue and saw her in the audience watching the other bands.

but when she got on stage, all of that changed.  small in stature compared to the all-male counterparts on stage with her, she completely commanded the stage with her moshpit-inducing lyrics.  she transported me back to the 90’s when ska was king, all day music festivals were the norm, and moshpits were my gym membership.  even though i feel way too old to join in such antics now, watching and listening to it brought out the inner punk chick that still lives inside me.  the audience was completely under her spell and even started chanting after their set was done to bring her back for more.

most girls have the fantasy of being a star on stage in one way, shape or form, and dayan is living out that fantasy.  that alone makes her one of the hottest chicks in the room, but in addition to her rock star status, she also has, hands down, one of the cutest haircuts i’ve ever seen and that is what sealed the deal as my official girl crush of the day.

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and today’s girl crush award goes too…


alicia keys!!!

i know empire state of mind is on the new jay-z album, but for real, it’s alicia who takes this track to the next level.  one of my favorite moments this weekend was standing in a the middle of a bar in brooklyn and singing alicia’s hook at the top of my lungs.

it’s times like these i wish i had listened to my mom and gone to church.  not to pray and stuff.  but to get that good ol’ baptist gospel voice that can make you a star.

if you haven’t heard the song, take a listen below.

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the hills redeems itself for 30 minutes / and today’s girl crush award goes to…WHITNEY PORT!!!


i have pretty much given up on the hills, but i continue to watch because i’ve been invested since laguna beach days and feel i owe it to myself to see it all the way through. but last night’s episode actually made me think that all the good writers on the staff hadn’t quit.

in last night’s episode, whitney and lauren are sent to NY for men’s fashion week. last time whitney was there, she went out with this guy alex. he’s a male model, sort of cute, but really shy and awkward…kind of like a male version of whitney herself.

but this time out to NY, whitney isn’t totally feeling alex anymore and when the crew all go out to a show that night, whitney falls for the lead singer (some hot aussie who i would have blown in the bathroom given the chance)

alex has his laser eyes beamed on whitney the whole night, but whitney is a goner. she wants aussie dick only. at the end of the night alex tries to get whitney to come talk to him. she isn’t feeling it, and totally ditches him in the bar with his dick in his hand. it was the ballsiest move whitney has ever pulled in the last 4 or 5 or however many seasons of this vapid show, and i have to give her MAJOR props because i would have done the same thing. and have.

oh and a sidenote, spencer and heidi got their balls served back to them on a platter by heidi’s ex-boss who just fired her, so that too, made it a very worthy episode.

so rock on whitney port!!!

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and today’s girl crush award goes to…SHAWNEE SMITH!!!

you probably remember her best as amanda from the SAW movie series. but she is currently the new host of my favorite new reality show, Scream Queens. during last night’s kick-off episode she didn’t crack a smile once to those stupid bitches and her sexy, scratchy voice sounded like she had smoked 4 packs of marlboro unfiltereds before she showed up on set. shawnee is definitely the sexiest bitch of the day.

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and today’s girl crush award goes to…JANET STREET-PORTER!!!

Janet Street-Porter 'always has sex on the first date'
i know, i have no idea who the hell she is either, but i was reading this story on The Telegraph and decided i was in love. this is who i want to be in 30 years.

Janet Street-Porter ‘always has sex on the first date’

The broadcaster and self-titled gobby queen of Fleet Street Janet Street-Porter has revealed how she always has sex on the first date to find out if the man is worth a second encounter.

Miss Street-Porter, 61, who has been married four times already, spilt the beans during a talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“I always have sex on the first date because if they’re crap there won’t be a second date,” she announced.

However, she settled down with Peter Spanton, a 53-year-old ex-restaurateur-turned-psychotherapy student, ten years ago, swapping her busy love life for one of monogamy.

She told one interviewer earlier this year that she no longer sees sex as a central part of her life, as it was ten years ago.

“I still like sex, obviously, but it’s not something that I’m completely obsessed about,” she said.

“I don’t go into a room and think I could pull someone though that’s definitely how I used to think.”

The I’m a Celebrity contestant, who has a slot examining food issues on chef Gordon Ramsay’s F-Word, claims to have now discovered the secret to a lasting relationship: not to see too much of each other.

Her previous marriages were to photographer Tim Street-Porter, Time Out publisher Tony Elliott and film director Frank Cvitanovich. Her last, brief marriage, to David Sorkin, a salesman 22 years her junior, took place at 3.30am in Las Vegas.

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