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he could get it

i just woke up after staying up for 2 days straight stuck in my house.  studying for the GMAT?  no.  naked shut in with my lover? no.  well sort of.  i’ve spent the past 2 days watching 22 hours of breaking bad.  it was with my boyfriend and we never got dressed, so hence the sort of naked shut in with my lover part.  while i’m happy i’ve finally caught up to all my friends and finished season 4, watching that much breaking bad is seriously hazardous to one’s health.  first, almost every episode is already a stressful, nail-biting 47 minutes of drama.  multiply that by over 20 episodes, and you’ll feel like you’ve been up for days straight on the walter white blue meth in a crack den.  second, when you finally do get to bed, every dream is about being in a drug cartel, having to kill someone, just overall terrifying madness.  but even for all the heart palpitations, and increased xanax consumption that came from my self-imposed weekend BB marathon, the great part of it all, was getting to watch jesse pinkman (real name aaron paul) all weekend long in my underwear.  jesse reminds me of the guys i dated in high school.  always has weed.  drives a hooptie.  wears clothes way too big.  always found “alternative” methods to pay the bills.  i thought for sure after over 20 hours straight of him pasted on my flat screen i would have amazing sex dreams about pinkman, but alas, it was all about guns and mexican guys trying to kill me.

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i have A LOT of sex dreams.  and my sex dreams are so vivid and real, most often i wake myself up having an orgasm.  i can date my sex dreams/dreamgasms back to high school even.  and they are really the only dreams i can ever remember after waking up, even years later.

sometimes sex dreams are amazing, like when i dream about travis barker.  and sometimes they are scary.  but in the last month, a new type of sex dream has been recurring and it’s driving me mad.  the EX-SEX DREAM.

at least once a week for the past 4 weeks, i have been having the most mind-blowing sex with the guy i broke up with – in my dreams.  what makes these dreams even more frustrating is the fact that i slept with this guy for over two years, so in my dreams, he knows exactly what to do and then some.

i know there is nothing i can do to stop these dreams.  my subconscious will hopefully only play out these dream-porn sessions until they’ve been adequately replaced by a new interest.

the worst part though, is the constant soundtrack that has been playing in my head.  debbie gibson said it best HOWEVER having Fergie singing it live on Kids, Inc. (my most favoritest show in the whole wide world when i was a kid) makes everything way better

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sex dreams gone wrong


last night i dreamed that i was dating the hottest guy. he had dark skin, blue eyes, black hair, model body, and may or may not have had some sort of accent – i can’t remember. anyways, he was totally sexy and i was into him, but i remember in my dream being super leary of him possibly being bi or gay because every once in a while i would catch a glimpse of his “gayness.” however he was so hot i was willing to overlook it.

then one day (which in dream world is like 4 seconds later) i left his house and was coming back because i forgot something, and i caught him getting his dicked sucked by a big black guy.

what the fuck does this dream mean?

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i love sex dreams and new crushes

i just woke up from a super hot sex dream with travis barker. the weird thing is, i’ve never been attracted to travis in the past but now, i can’t stop thinking about him. i can’t figure out why he was even in my subconscious. perhaps it’s because he’s recently been all over the headlines because he survived that awful plane crash.

in the dream we were fuck buddies, but we couldn’t tell anyone because he was still friends with his ex-wife (aka shanna moakler) and she’s crazy. the only part of the dream i can really remember was when we showed up at a bar that like 30 of our friends were at, fucked in the car before going in, and then he went in first and i followed later so it didn’t seem like we were together. and when i got in, shanna was already all over him. i just sat down next to them, ordered a beer and then travis ordered some apps. i guess it was somebody’s birthday, because it was a long ass table full of people. then travis and i totally skipped out on the bill and left the others to pay. i love that we were such assholes in this dream. i remember shanna trying to leave with us, but i don’t really remember much after the bar.

this dream didn’t have a whole lot of sex, but i just remember being so turned on by travis when he was just near me, and my body feeling hot and flustered when we were together.

so now i have this new, random hot celebrity crush out of nowhere, but i’m very excited about it, because i’ve been crushing on benicio del toro for YEARS now.  and even though he is my one and only love, it’s nice that he finally has some competition.

and travis, if there is one thing i’ve learned from my years of banging. it’s that skinny guys have nice, long penises and i look forward to riding yours in REM.

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