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these 4 inch heels were not made for walking…but that’s just what they did

you may remember i had a wedding to go to this weekend. and, as with all weddings i go to, i had one goal…to have great sex with a cute boy in a suit. did i win? yes! and let me add this may have been my favorite walk of shame of all time.

i was wearing a very boobalicious dress that had a band of black sequins underneath, fishnet stockings, 4-inch purple peep-toe crocodile heels and a vintage mink stole. i know it sounds like a sort of slutty-rific outfit for a wedding, but it was that kind of party.

making my walk of shame at 11 am on a sunday morning in 4 inch purple heels and an evening dress, was enough to make it the best walk, but when i got back to my apartment and went to open the door, my landlord was on the other side coming out. now that made my day. getting busted by the landlord! icing on the cake (especially since my landlord is a hottie)

i’ve added pics of parts of my outfit above so you can laugh at me.

oh, and bonus! i got to cross off one of the items on my sex bucket list: i got to give a guy head in the backseat of a cab.

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