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endangered cougars?!? fact or fiction?

a german research company, max planck institute, released a study that says women who marry men younger than themselves die earlier than those who marry men their own age (within two years).

a woman in a relationship with a man seven to nine years younger than her is 20 percent more likely to die earlier than someone married to a man her own age.  a woman who weds someone more than 15 years younger than her, has more than a 30 percent risk.

“the greater the age difference, the lower the wife’s life expectancy,” says sven drefahl of the max planck institute for demographic research in germany. “the best choice for a woman is to marry a man of exactly the same age.”

drefahl believes having a relationship with a younger man may mean more stress for women because they are “violating social norms and thus suffer from social sanctions,” which could result in a more stressful life, he said.

by contrast, a man with a wife seven to nine years his junior is seven percent less likely to die early — probably because she’s more likely to nurse him in old age.  on the other hand, a younger man tends to be less inclined to look after his elderly wife.  “cougars” are more likely to be seen as predatory which, researchers suggest, may make it less likely for them to maintain friends and dependents.

do we believe this?  or is this just another male-dominated study trying to hate on “samantha jones” type women?


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