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while you’re collecting unemployment…


tonight is the season premiere of “the hills” and i’ll admit it – i will be watching it!  but that doesn’t mean i can’t hate them too. the daily beast got a hold of the reali-celebs contracts.

so while you’re slaving away in your cubicle for beer money and rent.  check out what some rich parents, fake boobs, and a loose vagina will get ya…

Lauren Conrad – $125,000 per episode (her contract also stated that nobody on The Hills could make more than her)
Kristin Cavallari – $90,000 per episode
Heidi Montag – $100,000 per episode
Audrina Patridge – $100,000 per episode
Lo Bosworth – $100,000 per episode
Spencer Pratt – $65,000 per episode
Brody Jenner – $45,000 per episode

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the best game show ever has given me some perspective

i was extremely upset when remote control went off the air.  it was the only game show i ever really wanted to be on.  unfortunately i was only 9 years old when it aired.  but beyond just paying tribute to an awesome show, what i also love about this clip is seeing adam sandler 20 years ago still trying to make us laugh.  it gives me hope.

losing the job that i loved so much was, and still is, the hardest thing i’ve ever had to deal with.  but seeing adam where he was, and where he is today makes me realize that i shouldn’t give up.  and also gives me hope that while i may be unemployed for several more months to come, it won’t be forever.

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